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Rocky returns to State Theater in April

Due to the popular demand of Rocky last Oct, the State Theater has added TWO shows in April. April 8th and 9th. Details can be found at…

I have created to facebook events, you can find them here…!/event.php?eid=116720648401945!/event.php?eid=142388219150759

I think the cast will be tickle me fancy. They usually only allow the props they sell. Post dinner at Denny’s as always!

September 2010 update!

I have finally gotten around to updating the site to WordPress. I hated having the horrible looking slit screen of the old site. It looked stupid, but I also wanted an easy want to keep it updated. I have now updated all my web site but 2 to wordpress and have found them SO much easier to keep things updated. The theme isn’t the best, but it will do for now. So I only know about 3 showing coming up this October.


State Theater -Ann Arbor – Oct 22-23rd with the Tickle me Fancy burlesque troupe(not a true Rocky cast)


Michigan Theater – Jackson – Oct 30th with Painted Perversion


I now have a nifty plugging on the side announcing upcoming shows. Click the link for more info on these shows. Royal Oak Music Theater says they are working on getting Rocky, but so far have nothing to announce.


I have not heard from Obivions Wife and Kids, Fuzzy Memories, nor the Tender Subjects.


Cast director for Painted Perversion Jon is direct a showing of  “The Rocky Horror Show”(which means the stage play). He is also still looking for cast members. For full details, check his post…


Let me know if you know of more shows and I will do the same!

October 09 update

OK, October is here and that means it’s prime Rocky season!! Here is list of all shows that I know of! This list was complied from data I found online or that I recalled from past experiences. It is not guaranteed to be accurate. Please check site pages and event pages for up to date info! If you have any more shows I have not listed, please share with me! If you are going to any of the showings I’m going to and want to meet up with me and my group before or after(we ALWAYS go for dinner outings after Rocky), send me a msg!

– Oct 9th 10:00 PM
Where – The Riviera Theatre in Three Rivers, Michigan
Theater Web Page
Cast – Painted Perversion
Cast Web Page
Event Page
Tickets – $8 per person, I assume it’s only at the door
Props – No outside props, Prop bag included in price
Age – Under 17 Requires Parent
Special – Costume Contest, Musical Preshow, Virgin Torture
Post Rocky food outing – N/A(cast strongly discourages post food outings)
Will I(Blasted Bill) be there – No, I will be at The fall sci fi con, ConClave(

When – Oct 17th @ 9:oo PM
Where – The Royal Oak Music Theater
Theater Web Page –
Cast – Oblivion’s Wife & Kids
Cast Web Page –
Event Page
Tickets – Tickets are $8 and are available at the Royal Oak Music Theatre Box Office,, all outlets or charge by phone at 800-919-6272
Props – No outside props(Smoking was allowed last year so lighters should be ok), Prop bags for sale
Age – Under 17 Requires Parent
Special – RHPS Costume Contest and theater has a Bar!
Post Rocky food outing – The National Coney Island at 1812 N Main St, Royal Oak, MI(Not cast sponsered)
Will I(Blasted Bill) be there – Maybe. Other freinds are trying to get me to go to Chicago, but I’m leaning towards Rocky

When – Oct 23&24 @ 11:00 PM
Where – The State Theater in Ann Arbor
Theater Web Page
Cast – Tickle Fancy Burlesque Co.(BRAND NEW CAST!)
Cast Web Page – N/a
Event Page
Tickets – At Theater only! They usally run out so make sure to get them early!
Props – They usally don’t allow props and usally don’t sell prop bags
Age – I can’t find that info. Usally 18 and up
Special – N/A
Post Rocky food outing – Denny’s on Washtenaw(Not Cast Sponsered)
Will I(Blasted Bill) be there – Will be there Friday night, but not Saturday

When – Oct 24th @ 9:00 PM
Where – Darksyde Acres in Jonesville MI
Theater Web Page
Cast – Painted Perversion
Cast Web Page
Event Page – N/A (watch
Tickets – $20($30 VIP). Price is for admision to the attaction where the show will be
Props – No props
Age – Can not find this info. I assume the regular Under 17 Requires Parent
Special – DOUBLE FEATURE! Repo! The Genetic Opera followed by Rocky
Post Rocky food outing – N/a
Will I(Blasted Bill) be there – No, it’s the night of my big Halloween Party

When – Oct 27 @ 9:00 PM(yes, you read that right, it’s on a Tuesday. NO clue why)
Where – Clazel Theater in Bowling Green OH(remember, MRHPS counts Toledo as part of Michigan)
Theater Web Page
Cast – Fuzzy Memories
Cast Web Page
Event Page{‘rt’:’/Media/MySpaceMessage/392c3866-0067-4016-81f5-d68a39331902′}&g=1
Tickets – Unknown. Page says nothing about tickets
Props – Again, unknown
Age – Want to take a guess at what the page told me? That’s right, nothing. I assume standard Under 17 Requires Parent
Special – Theater now has a Bar
Post Rocky food outing – Way back in the day, we would go to Denny’s at 1122 Buck Rd, Rossford, OH after Cla Zel shows. No clue if this is still true.
Will I(Blasted Bill) be there – No. It’s on a TUESDAY!! WHY!

When – Oct 31st @ 11:30 PM
Where – Michigan Theater in Jackson MI
Theater Web Page
Cast – Painted Perversion
Cast Web Page
Event Page – N/A(watch
Tickets – $8(see Special) For advance ticket sales, call the Michigan Theatre @ (517)783-0962
Props – No outside props(LIGHTERS NOT ALLOWED), Prob bag included in price
Age – Can not find this info. I assume the regular Under 17 Requires Parent
Special – DOUBLE FEATURE! Repo! The Genetic Opera followed by Rocky. Repo at 9:00 PM Rocky at 11:30 PM. Price for Repo is $10, both is $18. Also Costume Contest, Drag Racing Challenge, Musical Preshow(I can not tell if these are before Rocky or before Repo)
Post Rocky food outing – Many of use usally go to the Denny’s at 2560 Airport Rd, Jackson, MI(Not cast supported in any way)
Will I(Blasted Bill) be there – 90% likely that I will be a this one.

Rocky Horror Show listings(Not the movie, the play!)

Way to many for me to list here. Here’s some links..

Clutch cargo’s is doing a TON of them

looks like a bunch of others of these in michigan as well

And also Michigan State’s

New Rocky showing!!

Hey all,
I just got word there’s a new Rocky cast doing occasional showings. Here is the details…

Subject: Tender Subjects

The Tender Subjects are a shadow cast performing RHPS at the LunaCafe in
St. Clair Shores (9 Mile and Greater Mack) and the next show is on
Saturday, April 4! Doors are at 11 pm, show starts at midnight. Tickets
are $5 in advance, $7 at the door. Prop bags are available for purchase
and costumes are welcome and encouraged!

Links for you!

Rocky in Toledo

Just found out about a new showing

Rocky Horror Picture Show with Stage Cast
Fuzzy Memories in conjunction with The HISTORIC Ohio Theatre present for your viewing pleasure, The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Stage Cast.
Doors open at 11 PM, with preshow starting around 11:30 and finally at midnight the MAIN EVENT, THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.
Tickets are only $10.00
Come dressed in costume and have a good time


ANOTHER Rocky found in Michigan for Halloween Weekend

Hey all,
Just found out there is ANOTHER Rocky in Michigan on Nov 1st. It’s at the Royal Oak Music Theater, doors at 9pm, movie at 10pm. Details are here…

The cast is Ohio group Oblivions Wife and Kids. There site is…

I don’t know if there is a planned restaurant outing, but there’s a nice 24 hour National Coney around the corner that would work.

I had to turn off the Adult content on the community as it didn’t work with IE. Stupid IE.

Also, I found an Ohio web site doing the same thing I’m doing for Michigan for Ohio. It’s at…

As I consider Toledo part of Michigan, there’s some over lap.

Hope to see every one at one of these shows!

Rocky in Toledo Oct 31st and Nov 1st

Just got back from Rocky at State theater where the dynamic tension cast performs again. Had a great time. Found out there is a new cast, fuzzy memories, in Toledo, oh. Toledo is as good as Michigan as it use to BE Michigan. so here is the details…

Oct 31st, Nov 1st – Fuzzy Memories
Ohio Theater
show at midnight
$10 at the door
3114 Lagrange St
Toledo, Oh 43608

Status of post rocky restaurant unknown.

Welcome to MRHPS

Welcome to Michigan Rocky Horror Picture show. I’m Blasted Bill Putt, huge fan of RHPS since well over 15 years. I’ve seen Rocky in 6 states at about 25 theaters. Michigan has lacked a good Rocky for many years and there is a lot of cool rocky things happening in Michigan lately, but not a lot of good communication about Rocky in Michigan lately. I’m trying to establish a common place for all casts and fan to see what’s going on in Rocky. We have THREE! Rocky casts doing a Halloween show this year. This is very exciting. I’m only in direct communications with one, but here’s what information I do know.

October 24th/25th State Theater Ann Arbor Mi

More info at
They say there are also at but it doesn’t work

They actually have a cast this year after being with out for 2 years. My old cast tried to get in last year with no luck, so glad to see some one got in. I will have to talk to them and get them in communication when I go Friday. It could be Dynamic Tension. The were the state’s old cast.

Post rocky restaurant is Denny’s on Washtenaw Ave

October 30th Washtenaw Community College Ypsilanti Mi

I have very little information on this one. Sounds like a very small college production. I’m prolly going though. Here’s what information I do have…

7:00 reception and time warp training
7:30 costume contest with prizes
8 is the show
In the LA building, room 175 at washtenaw

Don’t know if there is a post rocky restaurant, but it’s prolly Denny’s

October 31st Michigan Theater Jackson MI

This is Michigan’s newest full time cast. They can be found at…

They have monthly showings and now that I know about them, I’ll be a regular.

Don’t know if there is a post rocky restaurant. They haven’t answered me that question. If they don’t have one, I’ll start one.

So there we go!! 1st update on MRHPS. I hope this leads to many more Rocky connections and become a great central places to find information! Thanks!