Bill and Faith’s Review of October Rocky shows

Faith and I both wrote up some reviews of the October 2011 Rocky shows. If you have a review, send it to me and I’ll post it!

From Bill:

This year’s October Rocky season started off with the Friday the 21st show at the Out of the Box Theater in Wyandotte. I was joined that night by my friend Brian and his cousin. It’s a very nice theater, but vastly different then most theaters I’ve seen rocky in. It’s built mostly for plays and live shows. They had a make shift screen at the front and then 2 smaller screens on the side. It was nice because there were no bad seats. You could see the movie any where you sat. I was dressed up in my brand new Eddie costume, I mean REALY brand new. I finished gluing the last pieces on 30 minutes before we left. I was smelling paint fumes all night. I had made about 100 MRHPS buttons and they went like hot cakes. The theater was not very large, but it was a full house. Even so, I still had a few buttons left over. My old cast mate from the Michigan Rocky Preservation Society (the original meaning of MRHPS), Carl was there. He’s a hoot and I haven’t been to see Rocky with him in ages. He and I were the only ones dressed up as rocky characters (Carl always dresses as Riff Raff), so when the costume contest started, I figured he and I had it in the bag. Then walked in a Magenta and Frank and they stole the entire thing out from under us. They did look awesome so it was well deserved. The folks running the show told Carl and I to go a head and jump up and stage when ever we wanted since there was no cast. Carl led a devirgin ceremony, the same one we did at MRHPS in Detroit. Virgin’s are told to hold a balloon between their legs and Carl pops them. Most of the theater was virgins, so it took a while. The only folks doing callbacks was myself, Carl, and the Frank and Magenta. Carl and I had our patter down from the MRHPS days, so there was a bit of a call back competition between us and the Frank and Magenta. We all got in some really great lines that went over well with the virgin audience. Carl and I got up on stage quite often as we are both huge hams. I got to do all the screen interacting I never get to do at other theaters, like Riff sticking a pitch fork in me, god striking me down with lighting, and of course Richard Pointing. It was a great and wonderful night and when it was finally over, me and Carl finally got to talk to the Frank and Magenta. It turns out; they were Rob and Faith, who I had been talking with on the Facebook group! They were quite awesome and fun. They were headed to the Ionia show the next night. I had already planned my Halloween Party for that night so I could go to the last weekend of October’s Rocky shows. So I gave them the rest of my buttons. They were not planning on going to any of the other shows I was, so I told them I hoped to see them at the spring shows and we all parted ways with the happy post Rocky glow.

From Faith:

We attended the RHPS showing on October 22nd, 2011 in Ionia, MI. Now, you might say, “Ionia???” Yes folks, Ionia! The Ionia Community Theatre presented it at the historic Ionia Theater. The theater is large, beautiful, and comfortable. One of the nice things about this presentation was that it was a week before everyone else in the state’s shows. Being on October 22nd allowed for even more Rocky attendings to be squeezed into the “season.” While there wasn’t a shadow cast, the event was hosted by the lovely Nikkita (who is a beautiful, statuesque drag queen). If you wanted to, you could get up on stage near the screen and act out any scene you wished. Prop bags were well-stocked and were for sale, though you were also able to bring your own bag in. They had a costume contest, and the winner was determined by popular vote from the audience. Sadly, screen accuracy didn’t account for much, the guy who won second place was dressed in a “Sexy Dorothy” costume from the “Wizard of Oz,” but nonetheless a great time was had by all who entered! Though there were a couple of folks (including us) calling out the lines, the audience seemed to be more virgins and newbies than anything else. They had an excellent time throwing props, though they were almost shocked anyone would yell back at a movie screen. All in all it was a totally worthwhile drive to Ionia. We will definitely be going back next year, especially if they continue to schedule it the week before everyone else schedules their showings. We also loved Nikkita as the Hostess with the Mostest!

Back to Bill:

On Friday the 28th, I drove out to Lansing and meet up with my Friend Narf Boy, his brother, and a friend of theirs. We went to the Sun Theater in near by Grand Ledge. It was a lovely old theater that had been remodel nicely. We got there plenty early and meet up with lots of great folks. One young girl I had tons of fun with was dressed up as a wolf and called her self Bad Wolf. She was completely crazy and I loved every minute of it. The energy was high, the crowd was quite young, and fun was being had before the doors even opened. For me, about 1/4th of the fun of rocky is the waiting out side and hanging out (the other 3/4ths are 1/4th callbacks, 1/4th seeing the great costumes, 1/4th hang out at Denny’s afterwards). As expected, the buttons where a great hit and it’s a great way to meet and talk with folks. Once we got inside, I found the cast to be extremely friendly and they were trying to promote pre show fun, a point often over looked by most casts. They also had a spot where some one was taking pictures of every one in costume. Even though they were originally going to go to the State Theater in Ann Arbor this night, Faith and Rob didn’t get tickets in time, so they showed up too! I finally was able to get a pic with them which I’ll put right here….
The cast was very energetic but lacked a proper sound system to be heard. They only had one small speaker. I told them I’d be happy to bring a sound system if I’m able to come to the next one. They tried to do a marshmallow shoving into your mouth contest, which was highly entertaining but results in a huge mess. As expected, most of the audience was Virgins. The movie started and Faith, Rob, and I started do callbacks. That’s when part of the audience started telling us to… SHUT UP!!! Yes folks, there were virgins there who didn’t know you are SUPPOSE to yell at the screen. A lesson for all Halloween showings, make an announcement before the show that Rocky is an audience participation event. We yelled at them that this is what happens at Rocky and then the audience started getting in to it. Faith, Rob, and I having seen Rocky together the week before had our lines synced up better and we were working in tandem rather then competing. All of us had some GREAT lines which got big laughs from the audience. My “Hey Ferb, I know what we are going to do today” line went over quite well. I like when new lines work out. The Bad Wolf(who was sitting next to me) thought of a great one on the spot. When there was a close up of the tiny Transylvanian, she shouted “Hi Snookie!” I’m keeping that one! The cast did a great job and I preticlually enjoyed the performance of their Frank. He looked the part and knew how to wear high heels. This is a great show to go to and I definitely want to go back, as long as the virgins know that it’s audience participation!
Saturday the 29th I meet up with my good friend and Rocky buddy Moonbeam. I had to carve pumpkins with my family before meeting up, so we ended up getting to the State Theater in Ann Arbor just as the doors were opening. The Tickled Fancy Burlesque Company were very happy to see that I was at the show. I forget the exact comment they said but something to the effect that I make the show better. It’s always awesome to hear that I help making Rocky shows more fun. Because we were late, we had to get a seat way in the back. It ended up good because we sat right next to a girl who knew COMPLETELY different lines, but she was so quiet that only those near her could hear her. She was cracking up Moonbeam and I. I pasted out the buttons again but I ran out and it almost caused a mob scene when I was down the last few of them. Tickled fancy did a great job as always. They always have the virgins perform double dildo musical chairs. This year’s group was REALLY into it and made it very entertaining. Moonbeam and I were the only ones doing loud call backs so we were in complete control. MWHAHAHHA. This year I changed “Rich Weirdo’s” to “Eff the 1%” and being Ann Arbor, this went over VERY well. When Frank is in the pool, I’ve been saying “and now scenes from Steve Erwin’s next movie.” EVERY time I have done this in the past, get some one who says “too soon.” So in an attempt to put in a Steve Jobs reference, I was going to add “I could have made a Steve Jobs joke” but no one at Out of the Box or Sun Theater said “Too Soon”. This night, after the Steve Erwin joke got laughs and groans, I got a “too soon.” I responded with my Steve Jobs tag which got even more laugh and groans! YES!!! Success! After the show, Moonbeam and I got lots of complements on our call backs, which is always enjoyable. We tried to get folks to come to Denny’s but no one was up for it, so just the 2 of us went for late night Denny’s run. So ends another year of Halloween Rocky season. Can’t want for the next one!

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