September 2010 update!

I have finally gotten around to updating the site to WordPress. I hated having the horrible looking slit screen of the old site. It looked stupid, but I also wanted an easy want to keep it updated. I have now updated all my web site but 2 to wordpress and have found them SO much easier to keep things updated. The theme isn’t the best, but it will do for now. So I only know about 3 showing coming up this October.


State Theater -Ann Arbor – Oct 22-23rd with the Tickle me Fancy burlesque troupe(not a true Rocky cast)


Michigan Theater – Jackson – Oct 30th with Painted Perversion


I now have a nifty plugging on the side announcing upcoming shows. Click the link for more info on these shows. Royal Oak Music Theater says they are working on getting Rocky, but so far have nothing to announce.


I have not heard from Obivions Wife and Kids, Fuzzy Memories, nor the Tender Subjects.


Cast director for Painted Perversion Jon is direct a showing of  “The Rocky Horror Show”(which means the stage play). He is also still looking for cast members. For full details, check his post…


Let me know if you know of more shows and I will do the same!

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