R0CKYtober Show Dates Are Listed

On the left side of this page, we have posted all the Rocky Horror (plays and movies) show-dates we have information on for the 2013 Rocky season. Not all that are listed are complete, but we put up as much information as we were given. Items will be updated as new info arrives. For the movies we are listing information (if available) what type of projection system is being used (DCP, 35mm, DVD/Bluray).

Once we have the rest of the information, we will list:
Celebration! Cinema (MULTIPLE LOCATIONS)
Showtimes for all:
Friday 10/19, Saturday 10/20
Friday 10/26, Saturday 10/27
All times are yet to be determined and I am told will not be set until the Tuesday beforehand. The theaters all expect the times to be between 11:00pm and 11:30pm
Tickets: $4 (What a bargain!)
They will allow LIMITED outside props, as yet to be determined by corporate. They do not plan to sell prop bags at the shows.

And, a special event:
Detroit FanFare Comic Convention
Adoba Hotel Dearborn
600 Town Center Dr.
Dearborn, MI 48126
Show is Saturday, 10-26
There IS supposed to be a cast
If you have general questions about Detroit Fanfare Comic Con, including questions about booths, you can email Guests@DetroitFanfare.com

Lastly, a special note that in addition to their shows on Rocytober 5, 19, 25, and 26, the Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society is having a special Zombie Theme Night on Rockytober 12th you won’t want to miss!

2 Responses to R0CKYtober Show Dates Are Listed

  • machelle says:

    dear rocky horror cast members the owner of the red apple would like you to make a bigger flyer poster to hang on the door and little flyers they want to thank you, “thank you for mentioning the red apple” -the boss
    talk to slim or freddy or skinner

    your friend machelle we want to help

  • There’s nothing specifically mentioned on the con web site, but directions are here: http://www.conclavesf.org/cc2012/home.htm There is also a Friday-only membership. There is no shadowcast. Hope you will join us, in costume or not!

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