State Wayne Theatre Under New Ownership

The home of the Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society, the State Wayne Theatre in Wayne, Michigan, changed hands as of July 2014. The new owners have many improvements planned for the theater. The most notable change that will take place is targeted for mid-August. They will be replacing all the 70-some year old seats in the entire theater with brand new, pleather, ultra-luxurious, electrically operated recliners! There is a downside to this, however.

The MiRHPS has been knocking the socks off their fans and have been consistently having very full houses and several sold outs as well. To meet the demand, they’ve gone from performing once a month to twice a month. But since the new seats are so much larger than the old, there will be a significantly reduced seating capacity moving forward. What this will mean is every single performance MiRHPS does will sell out completely!

MiRHPS advises everyone who would like to come see them, to be sure to pre-purchase your tickets way ahead of time. Tickets can be purchased either at the box office or online (click on one of their performance dates under UPCOMING SHOWS, then follow the link for online ticketing)

Visit their site at for links to the theater’s ticketing and directions.

Yet another honor from bestowed on Michigan!

The Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society Shadowcast in Wayne has done it again! As was reported in an earlier post, the group had been selected by (The official fan site of everything Rocky Horror) as the Fall 2013 Featured Cast. Now one of the cast’s co-founders and Co-Executive Producer, Faith Duede, has been selected as the Winter 2014 Featured Fan Profile. Being featured like this is a huge honor and a big deal for those in the Rocky Horror community. Congratulations to Faith, MiRHPS, and to Michigan! Obviously, Michigan is back on the Rocky Horror map – in a big way!

The MiRHPS performs monthly, so you should make plans to go see their show sometime soon!

MiRHPS Gets Featured on!

Great news for the State of Michigan! The Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society Shadowcast in Wayne has been selected by (The official fan site of everything Rocky Horror) as the Fall 2013 Featured Cast. This is truly a huge honor for any cast in the Rocky Horror community. But what makes this much more significant is that a tiny percentage of casts worldwide get selected, and those casts had been around years to decades before they were selected . MiRHPS has only performing for just six months! Way to go MiRHPS!

If you haven’t been to one of their shows yet, make plans to go now! They perform the second Saturday of each month.

R0CKYtober Show Dates Are Listed

On the left side of this page, we have posted all the Rocky Horror (plays and movies) show-dates we have information on for the 2013 Rocky season. Not all that are listed are complete, but we put up as much information as we were given. Items will be updated as new info arrives. For the movies we are listing information (if available) what type of projection system is being used (DCP, 35mm, DVD/Bluray).

Once we have the rest of the information, we will list:
Celebration! Cinema (MULTIPLE LOCATIONS)
Showtimes for all:
Friday 10/19, Saturday 10/20
Friday 10/26, Saturday 10/27
All times are yet to be determined and I am told will not be set until the Tuesday beforehand. The theaters all expect the times to be between 11:00pm and 11:30pm
Tickets: $4 (What a bargain!)
They will allow LIMITED outside props, as yet to be determined by corporate. They do not plan to sell prop bags at the shows.

And, a special event:
Detroit FanFare Comic Convention
Adoba Hotel Dearborn
600 Town Center Dr.
Dearborn, MI 48126
Show is Saturday, 10-26
There IS supposed to be a cast
If you have general questions about Detroit Fanfare Comic Con, including questions about booths, you can email

Lastly, a special note that in addition to their shows on Rocytober 5, 19, 25, and 26, the Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society is having a special Zombie Theme Night on Rockytober 12th you won’t want to miss!

What does a DCP movie have to do with RHPS?

Effective last year, the movie industry began phasing out 35mm (and 70mm for IMax) film and replacing it with a digital system called DCP. DCP does render a much better and consistent picture with incredible sound fidelity far superior to any Blu-ray or other Hi-Def format. It also has many features that benifit the theater operators that aren’t necessary to go in to here. But, I will go in to the one major benefit of DCP to the movie industry. A DCP makes it very difficult to show a movie at any time other than for when it is licensed to be shown. So if you go to a showing of RHPS (or any other movie) at a theater that shows it on DCP, you are guaranteed to be going to a legally licensed showing. You can’t make that guarantee with any other movie format.
20th Century Fox, who owns the copyright for RHPS, is taking this transition effort one step further and is no longer granting general licensing of RHPS on any format except DCP. There are a few exceptions that they make to allow Blu-Ray, and even fewer yet to allow 35mm film. Because of this, we expect to see fewer [legally licensed] showings of RHPS in the near future until all movie houses can make the very expensive transition to the digital cinema projection systems (or go out of business!). DVD is no longer allowed at all. Special events at venues where movies are not usually played will be allowed to license RHPS on Blu-Ray (at least for now). For example, the Ann Arbor Summerfest’s “Top of the Park” was licensed this summer to show RHPS on Blu-Ray – or it would have been had it not been rained out (which was unfortunate since the Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society was scheduled to shadow-cast).

Rocky in October = Rockytober

We are currently compiling our list of all the Rocky shows being planned for October 2013. If you know of any shows, please submit your information to us as soon as possible. If you are showing RHPS and want to get the word out about your show, please let us know. We don’t charge to advertise any Rocky Horror screening or play that is in the state of Michigan (and NW Ohio).

We can tell you for sure that the Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society will be shadow-casting RHPS every single Saturday in October, plus a Friday performance around Halloween. This is in addition to their regular monthly shows they do on the 2nd Saturday of each month. They will also be doing a special Zombie theme on one of the shows during October. MiRHPS performs monthly at the iconic State-Wayne Theatre in downtown Wayne, Michigan.

Redneck Rocky Theme Night at State-Wayne Aug 10th!

The Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society has announced their next performance on Aug 10th, 2013, will be a themed event called Redneck Rocky. Since August is Kid Rock month in the Detroit area, the MRHPS is celebrating in a unique way. Think mullet hairstyles and Trans-Camero cars meet Transylvania. In giving honors to the character “Robby” that Kid Rock played in the movie Joe Dirt, MRHPS is inviting everyone to dress as Redneck as you wish. Don’t forget the fishnets with your Daisy Duke shorts and your sh*t-kicker boots!

Admission is $7.00, Prop bags are $3.00 or two for $5.00
Doors open at 11:15, Pre-Show begins at 11:30.
Featured music by Kid Rock-y

Buy your tickets online or at the door. But hurry! Get your tickets NOW, since the July show was a sell-out. We’d hate to see you get all gussied up only to be turned away at the door.

Watch here for an announcement of the next theme night. They only happen a couple times a year!

FINALLY! Regular Showings With Live Shadow-Cast Comes to Michigan!


The Rocky Horror Picture Show EXPERIENCE with live shadow-cast and for the first time premiering in Michigan in Full Digital Cinema and Enhanced 7.1 Dolby Digital Sound!

Midnight shows, beginning Friday and Saturday – May 10 & 11, then every second Saturday of each month afterward. Exclusively at the newly remodeled State Wayne Theater in downtown Wayne, Michigan. The theater is on Michigan Avenue, just a couple minutes from I-275.

The show is looking for more people to join the cast and crew. Go to the FaceBook page to find out how to join!

Michigan Rocky gets mentioned in a newspaper

Check out the nice article of a show Rob and Faith were at. Check it out….

Rocky Horror 2012 – A Marathon Month

The 2012 Rocky Horror Halloween Season is now done, and wow, did we have a blast! Check back soon as we will be posting our reviews of the shows we attended this year. Halloween is not the only time of year to see RHPS at the theaters, so keep looking here throughout the year as we will let you know about any new show as soon as we are notified. If you are producing a show, in a show, or know about an upcoming show, let us know so we can get the word out to everyone.

We will be making a very special announcement here very soon that is guaranteed to excite all the Rocky fans – especially those in the Detroit Metro area!

Also, you may have noticed the links to out pod-casts. The links do work, so there is nothing wrong on your end, we were just too busy on our Rocky Horror Marathon to do any. We will be conducting pod-casts real soon – to include interviews with people of note in the Rocky community.