Michigan Rocky Horror 2012 Halloween Season

We are currently compiling the list of all scheduled showings and performances for the 2012 season. There are just a couple more theaters we are waiting to hear back from. We will be posting that schedule with the information we have in the next couple of days, so be sure to check back often.

The current list in the “Upcoming Shows” is not all there is for the state; those are just the shows that we got advanced notification for. If you are presenting Rocky Horror and want to get the word out about it, please contact us with all the details as soon as possible.

Rocky returns to State Theater in April

Due to the popular demand of Rocky last Oct, the State Theater has added TWO shows in April. April 8th and 9th. Details can be found at…

I have created to facebook events, you can find them here…!/event.php?eid=116720648401945!/event.php?eid=142388219150759

I think the cast will be tickle me fancy. They usually only allow the props they sell. Post dinner at Denny’s as always!

Welcome to MRHPS

Welcome to Michigan Rocky Horror Picture show. I’m Blasted Bill Putt, huge fan of RHPS since well over 15 years. I’ve seen Rocky in 6 states at about 25 theaters. Michigan has lacked a good Rocky for many years and there is a lot of cool rocky things happening in Michigan lately, but not a lot of good communication about Rocky in Michigan lately. I’m trying to establish a common place for all casts and fan to see what’s going on in Rocky. We have THREE! Rocky casts doing a Halloween show this year. This is very exciting. I’m only in direct communications with one, but here’s what information I do know.

October 24th/25th State Theater Ann Arbor Mi

More info at
They say there are also at but it doesn’t work

They actually have a cast this year after being with out for 2 years. My old cast tried to get in last year with no luck, so glad to see some one got in. I will have to talk to them and get them in communication when I go Friday. It could be Dynamic Tension. The were the state’s old cast.

Post rocky restaurant is Denny’s on Washtenaw Ave

October 30th Washtenaw Community College Ypsilanti Mi

I have very little information on this one. Sounds like a very small college production. I’m prolly going though. Here’s what information I do have…

7:00 reception and time warp training
7:30 costume contest with prizes
8 is the show
In the LA building, room 175 at washtenaw

Don’t know if there is a post rocky restaurant, but it’s prolly Denny’s

October 31st Michigan Theater Jackson MI

This is Michigan’s newest full time cast. They can be found at…

They have monthly showings and now that I know about them, I’ll be a regular.

Don’t know if there is a post rocky restaurant. They haven’t answered me that question. If they don’t have one, I’ll start one.

So there we go!! 1st update on MRHPS. I hope this leads to many more Rocky connections and become a great central places to find information! Thanks!