Rocky Horror 2012 – A Marathon Month

The 2012 Rocky Horror Halloween Season is now done, and wow, did we have a blast! Check back soon as we will be posting our reviews of the shows we attended this year. Halloween is not the only time of year to see RHPS at the theaters, so keep looking here throughout the year as we will let you know about any new show as soon as we are notified. If you are producing a show, in a show, or know about an upcoming show, let us know so we can get the word out to everyone.

We will be making a very special announcement here very soon that is guaranteed to excite all the Rocky fans – especially those in the Detroit Metro area!

Also, you may have noticed the links to out pod-casts. The links do work, so there is nothing wrong on your end, we were just too busy on our Rocky Horror Marathon to do any. We will be conducting pod-casts real soon – to include interviews with people of note in the Rocky community.

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