State Wayne Theatre Under New Ownership

The home of the Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society, the State Wayne Theatre in Wayne, Michigan, changed hands as of July 2014. The new owners have many improvements planned for the theater. The most notable change that will take place is targeted for mid-August. They will be replacing all the 70-some year old seats in the entire theater with brand new, pleather, ultra-luxurious, electrically operated recliners! There is a downside to this, however.

The MiRHPS has been knocking the socks off their fans and have been consistently having very full houses and several sold outs as well. To meet the demand, they’ve gone from performing once a month to twice a month. But since the new seats are so much larger than the old, there will be a significantly reduced seating capacity moving forward. What this will mean is every single performance MiRHPS does will sell out completely!

MiRHPS advises everyone who would like to come see them, to be sure to pre-purchase your tickets way ahead of time. Tickets can be purchased either at the box office or online (click on one of their performance dates under UPCOMING SHOWS, then follow the link for online ticketing)

Visit their site at for links to the theater’s ticketing and directions.

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