Latest Michigan Happenings

This time of year, not too much Rocky Horror related is happening. But here’s a couple things.

Metro Detroit Area: The Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society just celebrated their 2nd anniversary this month and is still doing¬† their spectacular shows every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each and every month at the State Theater in Wayne. Know that’s the case, even if we forget to update them in the “Upcoming Shows” list. Since their theater was renovated in November 2014, they have sold out practically every single show, so if you want to go see them, it’s best to buy your ticket well in advance. Go to their website and follow the links. They will be having various theme nights once each month over the summer: Patriotic Night; last show in June. Sock Hop; first July show. Tiki Night: first August show. They will be at the RHPS 40th Anniversary Convention in NYC during the weekend of their second September show, to it’s TBD at this point if they will have a show that weekend.

Jackson Area: The Glorious Garters won’t be doing any shows until Halloween. However, they will be doing a Repo! the Genetic Opera / RHPS double feature that night at the Michigan Theater.

That’s all the info we have for Michigan happenings. For national and international happenings, you’ll want to check out RockyHorror.ORG or RockyHorror.COM or for info on the RHPS 40th anniversary convention in New York, is the website.

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